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Who Qualifies

No matter who you are, or what your needs may be, you are always allowed to request home care services. You do not have to be in the hospital to request home health care services. Patients, Physicians, Social Workers, or family members can request services by contacting us. Get the help you deserve with Personal Home Healthcare and Hospice.
There are three criteria to qualify for home health care:

There are three criteria to qualify for home health care:


You Must Be Considered Homebound

If you or your loved one is unable to leave home without assistance or requires considerable effort to leave home, then home care may be for you. If you or your loved one is medically required to stay at home for any length of time and leaving home is potentially harmful to your health, we may be able to meet your medical needs. We will make sure your nursing and therapy needs are provided in the safety and comfort of your home.


You Require Skilled Care

Personal Home Healthcare and Hospice will provide your care with a team of licensed nurses and therapists. An individualized plan of care ordered by your physician will guide our services. Our therapy staff includes physical, occupational and speech therapy. If you required the services of a social worker or aide, with a physician order, we can provide those services, too. Personal Home Healthcare and Hospice is prepared to give you highly skilled care to meet your care needs.


Your Plan of Care Has Been Reviewed

Before in-home treatment can begin, we need a plan of care that has been prepared for you, reviewed and approved by your doctor, and properly submitted. Once your plan of care has been approved, Personal Home Healthcare and Hospice can begin providing you with committed care and superior treatment.


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Interpreter/Translation services are available to all of our Non-English speaking patients free of charge.